[Product-Developers] Re: custom member for huge sites

Jean-Michel FRANCOIS jeanmichel.francois at makina-corpus.com
Thu Jan 22 12:59:35 UTC 2009

I m supporting a website based on Plone2.5 with 10 000 members and 130
000 items with plone based member plugins and a intranet with remember
(it has 1000 members). Here is my feedback:

If you keep based plone members implementation you will not beeing able
to use the members control panel. Search do not work with more than 1
000 members.
If you use remember you will have more fonctionnality but it is dame
slow on creation, edit and reindex.

I have tryied to index base member and the bug i have had is simple:
brain.getObject failed because the path is
/myplone/portal_memberdata/mymemberid and this is not traversable, i
mean you can not traverse anything to get the 'member' object.

Rob Miller a écrit :
> Andreas Jung wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> On 13.01.2009 16:31 Uhr, Daniel Widerin wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I want to start a community site based on many users and content. Could
>>> you please help me choosing the best kind of usertypes i should build
>>> on, if i want to extend userdata but keep migration in mind for future
>>> upgrades. a feature i would like to include are custom 'cropped' user
>>> portraits with custom sizes, i successfully implemented this already
>>> into custom membrane types - but did never try to upgrade this site.
>>> so which kind of user or userfolder do you recommend?
>>>  * implement custom users based on membrane. i think the nicest way to
>>> do this, but may break compatibility on future plone releases.
>> Unless you have fancy requirements for members being object, avoid
>> membrane+remember.
> i agree with this in general, although the things that would make
> remember a good choice aren't really what i consider "fancy".  here's
> the core list of what remember gives you that can't be done easily w/
> default Plone right now:
> - efficient member searching (ESPECIALLY if you've got lots and lots
> of members)
> - multiple member types, where each type has a different schema
> - workflow-ability of member objects
> - auto-generated join and profile edit UI
> of these, i find the last to be the least compelling, and if that's
> the only reason you're considering membrane+remember i'd warn you
> away.  if you're expecting to have many thousands of users, however,
> and you want to make queries against the member data w/ any
> regularity, it's probably a good choice.
> -r
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