[Product-Developers] Re: ArchgenXML: "aggregating" results, egg creation

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Tue Jan 20 14:04:50 UTC 2009

Alberto Lopes wrote:

> 2 - When I run AGX, it creates an old-style product I should move to the
> Products folder for my Plone installation. What is the strategy here to
> deploy it in a production environment, based on buildout?

I don't necessarily know the _best_ way, but in a buildout environment:
- in the src directory, use paster to create a Plone product ("myproduct"), 
in the Products namespace, 
- then use ArchGenXML in the src/myproduct/Products/myproduct directory. 

Theoretically, of course, you can put the product in any namespace, and I've 
done it for portlets, but I've had trouble with putting full products in any 
namespace but Products (I haven't tried too hard, though).

I'd love to hear if there's a better way.

> 3 - Is there a way to configure AGX to create python eggs?

Doing it this way you have a "development egg" - and you can use all the 
usual egg tools.

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