[Product-Developers] Versioning(CMFEditions) in own Plone-Product

Carsten Senger senger at rehfisch.de
Fri Jan 16 16:17:08 UTC 2009

Cheefrocker schrieb:


> i found http://mysite/versioning_config_form -> here i can activate
> versioning for me product. 
> My Problem is that i have change the title. When i want to show the
> difference between 2 versions the versioningsystem show me no differences.
> Did somebody have the same problem?

some Plone 3.1.x versions, I think 3.1.5 to current, did not setup the 
portal_diff tool.
Go to the zmi and to portal_diff. If it's empty, add
- Document
- Event
- Favorite
- File
- Folder
- Image
- Link
- News Item

As the Field name you give 'any', Diff Type is 'Compound Diff for AT types'.

There's this ticket:


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