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On 13.01.2009 16:31 Uhr, Daniel Widerin wrote:
> Hi all,
> I want to start a community site based on many users and content. Could
> you please help me choosing the best kind of usertypes i should build
> on, if i want to extend userdata but keep migration in mind for future
> upgrades. a feature i would like to include are custom 'cropped' user
> portraits with custom sizes, i successfully implemented this already
> into custom membrane types - but did never try to upgrade this site.
> so which kind of user or userfolder do you recommend?
>  * implement custom users based on membrane. i think the nicest way to
> do this, but may break compatibility on future plone releases.

Unless you have fancy requirements for members being object, avoid

>  * extend plone's portal_memberdata and add those fields i need. if you
> recommend this - how can i store custom/resizeable user portraits here?

Check the portrait implementation with the membership tool (I think). I
should not be too hard adding some more custom portrait implementation.
Also note that the member portrait is not a memberdata property.

>  * use a third party user authentication server, authenticating through
> a PAS plugin?

That's what PAS is designed for ("pluggable").

>  * implement custom user types and set them as member folder in
> portal_membership with custom workflow and additional archetype fields
> (ugly)

see above

>  * don't use plone

This decision depends on various factors. Pro/contra Plone requires a
detailed analysis - especially for "large" sites (where "large" can mean
a lot). If you don't have the skills and background for making the right
decision yourself, get in touch a consultant (plone.net).

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