[Product-Developers] custom member for huge sites

Daniel Widerin daniel.widerin at kombinat.at
Tue Jan 13 15:31:43 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I want to start a community site based on many users and content. Could 
you please help me choosing the best kind of usertypes i should build 
on, if i want to extend userdata but keep migration in mind for future 
upgrades. a feature i would like to include are custom 'cropped' user 
portraits with custom sizes, i successfully implemented this already 
into custom membrane types - but did never try to upgrade this site.

so which kind of user or userfolder do you recommend?

  * implement custom users based on membrane. i think the nicest way to 
do this, but may break compatibility on future plone releases.
  * extend plone's portal_memberdata and add those fields i need. if you 
recommend this - how can i store custom/resizeable user portraits here?
  * use a third party user authentication server, authenticating through 
a PAS plugin?
  * implement custom user types and set them as member folder in 
portal_membership with custom workflow and additional archetype fields 
  * don't use plone

thanks a lot

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