[Product-Developers] Re: The most efficient way to store 270 AT fields?

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Wed Jan 7 23:24:40 UTC 2009

Souheil CHELFOUH wrote:
> I was willing to use Dexterity
> I just got stuck by its current dev status and the fact it needed too
> many extra packages
> And I already had lot of work done on Structured Document the past
> year that headed that way (having local autogenerated form non-AT
> configuration object for browserviews to be stored locally, etc..)
> I guess, it depends when you decide it's duplicated or not.
> As I understood, Dexterity was to become a standard in plone soon, so
> it's not like it's a wasted effort :)
> Spear works on a plone3.1 out of the box, with just few extra packages
> In a close future, i'll probably switch to Dexterity.
> Let me know if we can discuss this, i'd be very happy to share also
> the experience I had coding this.

Just to clarify, whilst I and the other Dexterity developers obviously 
hope it'll be widely adopted, it's not pre-decided that it will become 
"standard". Bear in mind that AT was non-core for a long time, but still 
widely used, and Plone adopted it as a matter of course more than as an 

Also, Dexterity works fine on Plone 3.x (in fact, it doesn't currently 
work on trunk due to a z3c.form vs chameleon issue). Add 
plone.app.dexterity to your buildout and off you go. Of course, there're 
no pypi release yet, which means a few svn checkouts. We're not far off 
a beta release, though.

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