[Product-Developers] Re: ZopeSkel eggs

Ross Patterson me at rpatterson.net
Mon Jan 5 17:42:11 UTC 2009

Godefroid Chapelle <gotcha at bubblenet.be>

> Hi,
> Sorry if this is the wrong list to discuss ZopeSkel; lemme know where
> else it should happen.
> I really like the way the Z3 community includes a minimal buildout in
> its eggs.
> That buildout allows the developers to run all tests for the given egg.
> I'd like to change ZopeSkel to produce eggs/themes that allow the same
> (iow that include a minimal buildout).
> What do you think of this ?

+1, I always end up doing this myself.  This also more doable now that
Plone itself is eggified and will get better still when a released Plone
is using a fully eggified Zope2.


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