[Product-Developers] PloneArticle Server Browsing

Marco Scheidhuber johndoe.23.666 at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 20 11:09:18 UTC 2008


I've made my own content type as a subclass of PloneArticle(really 
great, thanks
for this product). What I need would be like a second container for 
images or the
possibility to use this or something similar for an ATImage.

On the first try I done something like:

MyArticleSchema = PloneArticleSchema.copy() + atapi.Schema((
            label='Special Images',

but this wont work.

Before I go deeper into this I should like to ask:
- Is there a way to use the the "Browse server content" in more then one 
- Are there generic tools for this use case for AT content types, 
especially ATImage?

thx, marco

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