[Product-Developers] Re: ATCT development for plone 3

Dylan Jay gmane at dylanjay.com
Fri Nov 14 21:58:21 UTC 2008

ataulla wrote:
> I am very new to plone 3 environment, I was working on plone 2.5. So I 
> dont know from where I need to start working on plone 3.
> I need complete reference of plone 3. where will I get it???


We realize that documentation is scattered and confusing so we're doing 
something about it.

Rok Garbas has done a fantastic job of starting this effort using sphinx

* generated documentation: http://docs.garbas.si/plone-latest
* source: 

Anyone with collective access and can use a text editor can contribute.
There is even some great work going into autogenerating some of the 

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