[Product-Developers] moving contents from 1 folder to another ??

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Tue Nov 11 12:50:17 UTC 2008

--On 11. November 2008 17:07:52 +0530 Mayank Mathur 
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> hello
> how to move contents from 1 folder (at specific loc.) to another folder,
> through, script / code, in plone
> to make picture more clear, suppose, i've 2 folders:
> *
> 1) Input (this folder contains some of my custom input forms )
> 2) Output (this folder is meant to store reports/output generated by
> forms from Input folder, above.)
> *
> Now, if, i open forms from 'Input' folder and save it , output will be
> saved inside that particular folder.
> So, how can i save output generated by forms in Input folder, to ,
> somewhere, inside Output folder, as contents, such that, Output folder
> contains contents from Input folder.

Google would be your friend:



P.S. and please stop posting the same question to multiple list.
We told already several times that you should not do this - this
is annoying.

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