[Product-Developers] Re: Plone Developer Cheatsheet

Dylan Jay gmane at dylanjay.com
Fri May 30 06:58:42 UTC 2008

Steve McMahon wrote:
> On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 3:37 AM, Daniel Nouri <daniel.nouri at gmail.com> wrote:
>> ...
>> Propose: Add a section "Forms", pull out PloneFormGen, zope.formlib and
>> z3c.form out of the their current sections and put them all there, side
>> by side....
> I see Daniel's point, and would go a bit further: I'd say that
> PloneFormGen, per se, doesn't belong on a developer's tech list at
> all. It's aimed at being a versatile tool for content managers and
> integrators.

To be an integrator you have to get into the code. We are kidding 
ourselves if we think otherwise. So this cheatsheet is really an 
integrator cheatsheet. Its for people that want to put togeather 
customized solutions and that in my experience involves combining off 
the shelf products and custom code. Even doing themeing now involves 
coding (bad but true).

So there is

- developers/integrators (we should call them developers. everyone else 
- end users
- core developers.

my 2c anyway.

> However, adding new field and action types to PFG might be a very
> reasonable topic, and is -- I think -- roughly on the level of
> developing new content types with Archetypes.
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