[Product-Developers] Re: Plone Developer Cheatsheet

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Thu May 29 22:54:53 UTC 2008

Daniel Nouri wrote:

> So I started fiddling around with your document.  I have my little
> problem with putting z3c.form in "Not best practice".

I think we need to define this term. I wouldn't feel comfortable right 
now telling a brand new developer "If you are just starting out with 
Plone and you need a form, look at z3c.form", because it's only used by 
a couple of people (the Plone integration, that is) and it doesn't 
necessarily have all the integration points (e.g. no KSS inline validation).

Now, I definitely think z3c.form is the future, since that's the way the 
Zope 3 community is going. So I think we need to distinguish between 
"not best practice" and "likely to become best practice" or something 

> I don't like the "Zope 3" section also.  While the underlying technology
> used comes from Zope 3, it's more useful to distinguish by "What is this
> useful for".  If people want to do content types, they don't care if
> it's Zope 3 or not; they want to know about content types (and
> e.g. Archetypes).


> If your argument is that newbies need to see what's essential and what
> not, why not mark items in the individual sections with "beginner",
> "advanced" and "expert"?

+1 for segmentation by audience.


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