[Product-Developers] z3c.form - subforms

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Thu May 22 23:28:50 UTC 2008


I'm getting a bit lost in the plone.z3cform/z3c.form jungle. :)

I want to have a free-standing form (that is, not an edit form for an 
object) to define a CV. It should have:

  - a name field
  - a date-of-birth field
  - an arbitrary number of "education" entries, each of which should have:
	- an institution name
	- a graduation date

Visually, I'd like this to look like:

Name:            [___________]
Date of birth:   [___]
Education history:
  | [ ]Institution: ACME University      |
  |    Graduated:   2003                 |
  |                                      |
  | Institution: [_____________]         |
  | Graduated:   [____]                  |
  | [Add another] [Remove]               |


The idea here is that the user can enter an institution and a date, and 
then add another entry by clicking "Add another".

Perhaps this is a bit too clever, but it'd be nice. ;)

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