[Product-Developers] Re: Where does it hurt?

Dylan Jay gmane at dylanjay.com
Wed May 21 22:23:02 UTC 2008

vedaw wrote:
> Making mental note to self to bring this up when the newly appointed docs
> editors get together. We're trying to establish conventions, and this would
> be a helpful one. Making this part of the "overview" section for each main
> topic area (where appropriate) would be ideal. 
> Along the same lines, I don't want to simply mark documentation as
> "obsolete" unless it really is -- it would be more helpful to preserve the
> pieces and parts in this manner via inline comments  / related links than to
> do a complete rewrite. 
> - Veda
> jbaldivieso wrote:
>> Perhaps a useful piece of documentation would be a single page  
>> (forgive me if this already exists -- I couldn't find it) that, by  
>> Plone version, lists the areas of technologies that have shifted,  
>> linking to the relevant documentation for them.  For instance (pardon  
>> the formatting and arbitrary examples):
>> Plone Version	|	Before we used	|	Now we use
>> Plone 2.5		|	Portlet logic within skinned portlet templates	|	Portlet  
>> logic delegated to views
>> Plone 3.0		|	Reusable chunks of HTML contained in macros in skinned  
>> template	|	Now in viewlets
>> Plone 3.0		|	Portal status messages passed through in query string	|  
>> Status messages registered through utility

I'm working on such a piece of documentation now. I've come to the same 
conclusions as you. It will be called "the plone developers cheatsheet". 
A simple list of what technology you nead to learn for what purpose with 
links to the best documentation for it. It will be a statement on best 
practice. And I want it to be collaborative so its always up to date, so 
I'm putting it on openplans.org as plone.org has no wiki.
I wasn't however going to list previous versions, only the the latest.


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