[Product-Developers] Re: Where does it hurt?

Dylan Jay gmane at dylanjay.com
Mon May 19 12:25:26 UTC 2008

Daniel Nouri wrote:
> Michael Hierweck writes:
>> Reinout van Rees wrote:
>>> Martin Aspeli schreef:
>>>>  - Areas where there appears to be more than one approach, and it's
>>>> not clear which one to choose
>>> Hooking templates up with views. I scream and curse every time someone
>>> puts a hardcoded ZopePageTemplateFile('myhardcodedname.pt') in code. I
>>> had to *monkeypatch* plone.app.content to wire in a different template
>>> to render the folder listing (order of columns had to be different).
>> Up to now I thought statements like
>> render = ViewPageTemplateFile("xyz.pt")
>> __call__ = ViewPageTemplateFile("xyz.pt")
>> as if found them in Plone 3 for Viewlets and Portlets and other
>> resources were good, modern style and best practice.
>>> If we're going to be buried in zcml, please also use it for the places
>>> where it is actually useful. Like the 'template' attribute so that you
>>> can override it.
>> How to make it better/more configurable?
> If you're using your own layer, you can just register a view with the
> same name for your layer.
> You can't actually customize a view with the template argument unless
> you use overrides.zcml or register it for something different.  So it
> doesn't make too much of a difference if you assign the template in
> Python or ZCML.
> Of course, there's valid uses of registering a view class with a
> different template.  To allow this, the author must use the 'index'
> class variable name for the template, like so:
>   >>> class MyView(BrowserView):
>   ...     index = ViewPageTemplateFile("xyz.pt")
> This allows you to register the same class with a different template,
> for a different name or context.  (Naturally, registering it for the
> same name and context will fail, unless you use a different layer.)

great example of 2 different ways to do the same thing but have 
differetn unforseen consequences. This is what makes it so hard to 
learn. I'm can't even appreciate the subtles of the differences you just 
described. I just want to know what best practice is and I want to trace 
best practice code in the core.
I guess we'd better decide on whats best practice pretty damm quick huh :)

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