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Gilles Lenfant gilles.lenfant at ingeniweb.com
Mon May 19 10:51:58 UTC 2008

Le 18 mai 08 à 13:05, Martin Aspeli a écrit :

> Hi guys,
> Following a long discussion with Dylan Jay (buried in another thread  
> on Devilstick terminology), I thought I'd conduct an informal poll.
> ==> As a customiser of Plone, or as someone wanting to build bespoke  
> components that extend Plone, what do you find most confusing?
> I think this could fall into a few categories:
> - Areas where there's insufficient/poor documentation, but once you  
> learn how to do something, it's clear how to proceed.

* XML formats in GenericSetup
* Need for a "recipes" category in plone.org/products

> - Areas where there appears to be more than one approach, and it's  
> not clear which one to choose
> - Areas where Plone doesn't appear to have a good way to do something

* Extending standard metadata, even for 3rd party content types. I.e.  
I needed an "intended audience" (students, teachers or administrative)  
additional meta for all content types of a high school portal and  
didn't find a clean way to do this.

* Extending user properties out of the box, without the need to change  

* No (visible) way to add a .dtml as resource or in a  
resourceDirectory, we always need to use CMF skins tool for this.

> Please keep replies as succinct and factual as possible. I'm really  
> not interested in a winge fest by people who've been frustrated in  
> the past. I'd much rather have constructive feedback on where the  
> pain is and, if possible, suggestions for how to improve things.
> Cheers,
> Martin
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> want to work with Plone. See http://martinaspeli.net/plone-book
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