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lynucs_ true-black at web.de
Mon May 19 09:16:34 UTC 2008

Dylan Jay-3 wrote:
> Are you saying you want a through the web (ttw) content type?
> As in one person uses the plone UI to create the form like ploneformgen 
> but that creates a new content type available in the "Add new" drop down?

I think it shouldn't be available in the "Add new" dropdown. 
Maybe i should give another try explaining what i need, hopefully some more

There are (will be) two roles. Manager (priviliged) and Employee

The Manager can create forms over plone. Still not sure how, since the forms
might have really different structures  and contents (tables, images,
workflow-diagrams). But the Manager should have be able to create such forms
intuitive, like it is possible in FormGen. Even if someone would propose any
idea on how to solve the dynamic structuring of a document would help a lot.

The User can view the FormDocuments created by Manager (a User-View should
really only show the Document, without any insertfields. In the Edit-Mode of
User, he should be able to fill out the Form (so in some kind editing the
Document), but only the fields, which (somehow) were defined as edit-able by
the Manager. After clicking on "Save", or whatever, the Document shouldn't
actually be edited, but another Document should be created, which wouldn't
accept further editing.

So in few words, a manager creates a kind of template which users can use
for creating another documents based on it.

Again, to come back to Andreas' question, I'm really not sure wether a
document (Form / Template, don't know how to call) should be an own Content
Type. I guess not. At least I woulnd't know what for. Such a document,
independing on its formstructure would already be a folderish contenttype,
which would contain simplier documents of another content type.

This is just a small detail of the whole product, since I think other things
I could manage. Anyway, if further details are interesting for anyone, I
would write them down :) The product should (hopefully) become a tool for
Quality Management.

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