[Product-Developers] Re: Where does it hurt?

Reinout van Rees reinout at vanrees.org
Mon May 19 09:01:35 UTC 2008

Michael Hierweck schreef:
> Reinout van Rees wrote:
>> Martin Aspeli schreef:
>>>  - Areas where there appears to be more than one approach, and it's
>>> not clear which one to choose
>> Hooking templates up with views. I scream and curse every time someone
>> puts a hardcoded ZopePageTemplateFile('myhardcodedname.pt') in code. I
>> had to *monkeypatch* plone.app.content to wire in a different template
>> to render the folder listing (order of columns had to be different).
> Up to now I thought statements like
> render = ViewPageTemplateFile("xyz.pt")
> __call__ = ViewPageTemplateFile("xyz.pt")
> as if found them in Plone 3 for Viewlets and Portlets and other
> resources were good, modern style and best practice.

Yes, you see them all over the place and they work well.

Right until you want to customize it. Easiest would be to just copy the 
original zcml (perhaps change relative dotted paths to absolute ones) 
and to change the template your customized one.

Doesn't work with all that "render =.....".

Standard reply: "that will never need to be customized". That's the same 
as "my dog never bites someone, don't worry" (and the accompanying "hey, 
he's never bitten someone before!").


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