[Product-Developers] Re: Dynamic Content Types - FormGen like

Dylan Jay gmane at dylanjay.com
Mon May 19 07:38:26 UTC 2008

Are you saying you want a through the web (ttw) content type?
As in one person uses the plone UI to create the form like ploneformgen 
but that creates a new content type available in the "Add new" drop down?

lynucs_ wrote:
> Hello everybody.
> I'm new to Plone and was searching for a while, but didn't find anything
> that would help on my problem.
> I'd like to apologize if I am calling some things not like they should've be
> called. If so, then it's just lack of Plone experience. At the moment my
> knowledge in Plone is: i could create an own content type with archetypes
> and widgets, I know the basics of Plone-Templates and would be able to
> create an own _simple_ Product. 
> I am not expecting anyone to "do my homework", but for any help, maybe hints
> or pointing the direction I would be very thankful.
> And now the problem, that I don't know how to solve.
> I would need to create a Product that would allow a privileged user to
> create Documents (a form paper). Maybe as html-code, latex or restructered
> text. The Document may contain tables, images, graphs (that's why i thought
> about latex). In a normal view the Document could be presented as simple
> html-page or even a .pdf. 
> That wouldn't be the big problem, but in edit mode the document must have
> some insert fields, just like a form, which can be filled by every
> unprivileged user and saved to an another seperate document, without
> modifying the actual document created by the provileged user.
> My main problem is, that i don't know in which way it could be possible to
> define such insert fields. And if defined, and then opened by an
> unprivileged user in edit mode (to fill the insert fields), should each
> document be a kind of an own content type?
> During my investigation i stumbled upon PloneFormGen, that is something
> similar wo what i'd need. It's just not flexible enough. If someone could
> explain how PloneFormGen creates its forms, i think this would help me too.
> Is each form created by FormGen an own content type? Or just a folderish
> object, that somehow generates the view from its contained objects?
> Any help or hints are welcome. Thank you in advance!

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