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lynucs_ true-black at web.de
Mon May 19 07:23:32 UTC 2008

Hello everybody.

I'm new to Plone and was searching for a while, but didn't find anything
that would help on my problem.
I'd like to apologize if I am calling some things not like they should've be
called. If so, then it's just lack of Plone experience. At the moment my
knowledge in Plone is: i could create an own content type with archetypes
and widgets, I know the basics of Plone-Templates and would be able to
create an own _simple_ Product. 
I am not expecting anyone to "do my homework", but for any help, maybe hints
or pointing the direction I would be very thankful.

And now the problem, that I don't know how to solve.
I would need to create a Product that would allow a privileged user to
create Documents (a form paper). Maybe as html-code, latex or restructered
text. The Document may contain tables, images, graphs (that's why i thought
about latex). In a normal view the Document could be presented as simple
html-page or even a .pdf. 
That wouldn't be the big problem, but in edit mode the document must have
some insert fields, just like a form, which can be filled by every
unprivileged user and saved to an another seperate document, without
modifying the actual document created by the provileged user.

My main problem is, that i don't know in which way it could be possible to
define such insert fields. And if defined, and then opened by an
unprivileged user in edit mode (to fill the insert fields), should each
document be a kind of an own content type?

During my investigation i stumbled upon PloneFormGen, that is something
similar wo what i'd need. It's just not flexible enough. If someone could
explain how PloneFormGen creates its forms, i think this would help me too.
Is each form created by FormGen an own content type? Or just a folderish
object, that somehow generates the view from its contained objects?

Any help or hints are welcome. Thank you in advance!
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