[Product-Developers] Where does it hurt?

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Sun May 18 12:27:09 UTC 2008

Previously Michael Hierweck wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> Martin Aspeli wrote:
> >
> > 
> >  - Areas where there's insufficient/poor documentation, but once you
> > learn how to do something, it's clear how to proceed.
> * How Plone make use of underlying technologies
> * How to extend member profiles
> * How to scale related to a large amount of content (still not clear for
>  me)
> (Your Plone 3 book has improved to situation and in the meantime there
> is much additional documentation about Plone 3 online. Documentation is
> often some steps beyond the technologie. In general it's much better
> than some years ago.)
> >  - Areas where there appears to be more than one approach, and it's not
> > clear which one to choose
> * Persistence:
> Archetypes vs. plone.app.content vs. Devilstick vs. collective.tin
> * Standalone Forms:
> AT Widgets "Hack" vs. zope.formlib vs. z3c.form

I keep wondering why these come up again and again. While some of us are
exploring with new technologies we do have a clear best practice answer
for these two: Archetypes and formlib. All the others are technology
'toys' at the moment and I don't see that change before at least
Plone 4. Don't be fooled by the excitement about new things. In the real
world they are not an option for most of us. I count myself in that
majority: I'm not using and have no intention to use any of the new
things in a customer project.


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