[Product-Developers] Where does it hurt?

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Sun May 18 11:05:25 UTC 2008

Hi guys,

Following a long discussion with Dylan Jay (buried in another thread on 
Devilstick terminology), I thought I'd conduct an informal poll.

  ==> As a customiser of Plone, or as someone wanting to build bespoke 
components that extend Plone, what do you find most confusing?

I think this could fall into a few categories:

  - Areas where there's insufficient/poor documentation, but once you 
learn how to do something, it's clear how to proceed.

  - Areas where there appears to be more than one approach, and it's not 
clear which one to choose

  - Areas where Plone doesn't appear to have a good way to do something

Please keep replies as succinct and factual as possible. I'm really not 
interested in a winge fest by people who've been frustrated in the past. 
I'd much rather have constructive feedback on where the pain is and, if 
possible, suggestions for how to improve things.


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