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--On 14. Mai 2008 15:08:30 +0200 Gilles Lenfant 
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> Le 13 mai 08 à 20:14, Andreas Jung a écrit :
>> First FSS is a great product - however there are some issues:
>> - I created a new Plone 3.1 setup using Buildout + iw.recipe.fss. I
>> created
>>  two sites using FSS. Both sites store their data under subdirectory -
>>  they share the same top-level directory  - bug or feature?
> Hi,
> You may configure FSS settings site per site, see the comments in
> /path/to/iw.fss/iw/fss/etc/plone-filesystemstorage.conf.in. The way files
> are physically stored depends on the "strategy" you put in per site
> config sections. The place to store depend on "storage-path" and
> "backup-path" conf variables.
> If you kept the default settings, it's a feature, if you made a per site
> configuration, it may be a bug because two site specific config cannot
> share the same FS path (Zope doesn't start and logs an explicit error
> message about FSS settings) - but I need more info to be affirmative on
> this ;)
> Have a look in path/to/iw/fss/configuration to see how we use ZConfig.

I am using the default configuration.

>> - while development or migration I create lots of sites every day
>> (all with
>>  different names (basically a timestamp)). It is not handy to modify
>> the
>>  plone-filesystemstorage.conf every time. Is there a way to tell FSS
>>  "Here is your top-level directory, store your data under per-site
>>  directories <plone-site-id>"?
> Not at the moment, but a mini spec for this and contribution are welcome.
> This could be the future default configuration but this would break
> compatibility with existing configuration files

I submitted a similar patch about two years ago while we were working on 
unserding.de (which is based on an older FSS version). Some global 
configuration for all sites would be handy:

  storage-strategy site1
  storage-path  $$INSTANCEHOME/var//%(site_id)s/fss
#  storage-path  $$INSTANCEHOME/var//%(path_to_site)s/fss

FSS could fill in either the id of a plone site or the flat path
to a site (in case of ambiguity).


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