[Product-Developers] Re: [GenericSetup] infinite import_stepx.xml loop

Raphael Ritz r.ritz at biologie.hu-berlin.de
Tue May 13 14:15:55 UTC 2008

Andreas Jung wrote:
> Hi,
> my product A has a profile with one import step within
> its import_steps.xml. Within this step the product
> calls installProduct() for several products..this works so far.
> However I see that the my import step handler is called again infinitely 
> when trying to install some product B (obviously defining its own profile).
> Any idea how to get out of this problem?

Not sure this helps here but have you defined a so-called 'flag file'
that's checked for existence by the import step to make sure it's
only run when installing this very product?

I'll find plenty of examples for this in Plone itself.


> Andreas
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