[Product-Developers] Re: How can we win the battle for developers?

Roberto Allende rover at menttes.com
Wed May 7 14:12:57 UTC 2008

Dylan Jay wrote:
> Are other people finding is hard to find good plone 
> integrators/developers that need work?

I think a more fair comparison would be zope against j2ee:

In that comparison, Zope is no so bad, although the search volume is 

A serious problem we have in our company, menttes work just with Plone, 
is how expensive is to add/train new developers. Is very hard to find 
python or zope developers out there. So, we've to train every new person 
in all the stack, and this is a big investment for a small company.

Anyway, I believe the better way to deal with this issue is to promote 
Python, Zope and Plone. We need to promote more the technology, we need 
to foster user groups and organize activities to increase the community. 
User groups meets advanced users and then, they spread the use of the 
technology. Just check what's Sun doing, they're investing a lot in 
meeting and creating communities.

I agree when people say Plone is not for the masses and it's not our 
market the php/publishing one. But we should be more agressive in the 
component framework one. How many people you find in the street knowing 
j2ee, how many knowing zope ?. It would be great if you find people with 
python/zope knowledge as you find with java/j2ee.

To do that, the only idea i've is to invest in promotion, 
evangelization, convince the governments to use the technology (they're 
great creators of community) and doing big efforts to spread the 

Also, open training helps a lot, and that's not necessarily an investment.

So... after all these words, you're invited to join the World Plone Day 
if you're not part of it already :D


Kind Regards

obs: trends is not the most accurate way to measure what's happening out 
there... but probably is an approximation.


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