[Product-Developers] Re: task/time tracking for multiple clientprojects

Jon Stahl jon at onenw.org
Fri May 2 15:33:57 UTC 2008

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> On Thu, May 1, 2008 at 2:29 AM, Dylan Jay <gmane at dylanjay.com> wrote:
> > Thanks and if I did want to spend that much money then I'm sure its good
> and
> > its a plus supporting a company thats just down the road esp one with so
> > many people I know who work there...
> >
> > but I forgot to mention preferences for opensource.
> >
> > Whats the next best opensource alternative?
> >
> > POI seems easy but is not multi project or use estimation.
> >
> > Scrum seems a good fit but martin's oi.plum is just a toy :(
> You have to consider that opensource != free. Are you planning to
> extend your task/time tracking software yourself? How much that will
> cost you in development time that could be billed to a customer doing
> real work?
> We at Enfold struggled with open source alternatives for many years.
> We *never* had time to maintain and extend our task/time tracking
> software. Jira has every single feature I ever dreamed of and even
> more. The productivity it enables is way more valuable than the price
> it carries.
> Just my 3 cents.

Amen, Sidnei!

FWIW, we've had tremendous success using Salesforce.com to manage our ~20 person nonprofit consulting practice... we track all of our (hundreds of) clients, donors/supporters, key contacts, projects, time entries, etc. in a moderately customized instance of Salesforce.  

We supplement this with lightweight client-facing instances of Trac and sometimes Basecamp, to manage the ephemeral in-project tasks that we don't need to remember for ever.  Billable hours get logged in Salesforce, though.

We, too, have experimented with open-source solutions (e.g. DotProject) and found them seriously wanting.


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