[Product-Developers] Re: task/time tracking for multiple client projects

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Thu May 1 10:24:01 UTC 2008

Dylan Jay wrote:
> Thanks and if I did want to spend that much money then I'm sure its good 
> and its a plus supporting a company thats just down the road esp one 
> with so many people I know who work there...
> but I forgot to mention preferences for opensource.
> Whats the next best opensource alternative?

Probably Trac + the timing/estimation plugin.

> POI seems easy but is not multi project or use estimation.

Poi (I don't understand why people always think it's an acroynm) is 
really about tracking software projects.

> Scrum seems a good fit but martin's oi.plum is just a toy :(

I'm not sure it's a toy. It's a planning tool, not a time tracker or 
something you'd use for billing. It works well for us for planning 
(although it's got some visual issues and a few annoying bugs I never 
get around to fixing).


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