[Product-Developers] Re: task/time tracking for multiple client projects

Dylan Jay gmane at dylanjay.com
Thu May 1 05:29:25 UTC 2008

Thanks and if I did want to spend that much money then I'm sure its good 
and its a plus supporting a company thats just down the road esp one 
with so many people I know who work there...

but I forgot to mention preferences for opensource.

Whats the next best opensource alternative?

POI seems easy but is not multi project or use estimation.

Scrum seems a good fit but martin's oi.plum is just a toy :(

Sidnei da Silva wrote:
> Jira is worth the few buckets it costs. It has all of this and more.
> Checkout the GreenHopper plugin too. It is awesome.
> On Thu, May 1, 2008 at 12:45 AM, Dylan Jay <gmane at dylanjay.com> wrote:
>> Keeping track of multiple concurrent jobs with regard to task lists,
>> scheduling and estimation is becoming a pain for me so I'm looking for
>> simple solution.
>> What do you guys use?
>> Must haves are:-
>> - single task list for multiple projects
>> - ability to put in estimates for each task
>> - ability to put in actuals for each task once complete
>> - some kind of project management tools to see whats going on in a project
>> like completion estimates etc.
>> Nice to have:
>> - svn integration
>> - support tickets - perhaps email in with ticket id returned. tickets
>> associated with existing tasks or create a new one.
>> - fine grained security so I show clients only only what relates to them,
>> and even developers only what relates to them.
>> - easy to install
>> Trac seems to be a popular choice. does anyone use it with time tracking and
>> trouble ticket plugins?
>> Dylan
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