[Product-Developers] please recommend (or warn me off) a linux flavor that can...

PythonHack pythonhack at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 17:56:18 UTC 2008

Hey Plonistas

I FINALLY get to set up a linux box! (there is a God after all) and I 
need to impress the bean-counters.

This box will be used for python/zope/plone development (and proof of 
the stack) but I need a kickstart selecting a linux flavor.

I have tons of DOS/windows experience (25+ years) but virtually none of 
unix/linux.  I am confident I can learn what I need to 'on the fly' but 
right now the OS has to 'just work' (I can't get into compiling it, etc.)

I need to setup multiple instances of plone 3 with zeo (via buildout) as 
quickly as possible and with the absolute least difficulty.  I may also 
be setting up:
	- pound with apache (it's a quad core box)
	- entransit and/or deliverance
	- varnish

I had looked at centOS and ubuntu server.

I was about to install ubuntu server but I just noticed that it uses 
.deb instead of .rpm.  Is ubuntu going to be a limitation for me later 
on, or are debian versions universally available?

Or, what flavors should I avoid? (why?)

Thanks in advance for the (non)crash course.

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