[Product-Developers] Content type with fields with different permissions for different roles.

Matthew Wilkes matt at matthewwilkes.name
Sun Mar 30 17:53:08 UTC 2008

On Heisei 0020-03-30, at 150708BST, mnieper wrote:

> I want to develop an Archetype content type with, say, three fields  
> called
> Private, Semi-Private and Public. The owner of the content object  
> should
> have view and modify permissions for all three fields. Anonymous users
> should have only view access for the Public field. Furthermore, I  
> want to
> have a role, say "Restricted User", which grants view and modify  
> permissions
> for the Semi-Private and the Public field.
> My question is how to do achieve this in a canonical way. Two possible
> solutions have come to my mind:

3) Create one AT content type that has three fields.  Set the read and  
write permissions on those fields to appropriate values.


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