[Product-Developers] How to modify the Seach Results Page

Mark Phillips mark at phillipsmarketing.biz
Mon Mar 24 19:17:28 UTC 2008

I have a custom event type that extends ATEvent, and it works. I use it
for scheduling games on the calendar. When I do a search for "team a" in
the search box, I get all the games scheduled for that team. However,
the display of the title in the search results page does not contain the
date of the event, but the date the event was last modified (the
standard format for a search results page). 

I compute the title like this in my product:

    def _computeTitle(self):
        """Get object's title."""
        title = a string combination of different 
                fields (home team, visitor team, field, etc)
        return title

I don't include the date of the event in the description because then
the date would appear twice on the calendar view - once on the calendar,
and once in the event.

How can I have the date of the event appear in the search results page,
but not on the calendar? I am much less interested when the event was
last modified, and much more interested when the event takes place.



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