[Product-Developers] Re: multipage content type with "next/prev" buttons

Derek Richardson derek.richardson at gatech.edu
Tue Mar 18 13:06:12 UTC 2008

Per Erik Strandberg wrote:
> Derek Richardson wrote:
>> Per Erik Strandberg wrote:
>>> [...]
>>> next/previous buttons in the edit form [...]
>> Look at IMultiPageSchema in Archetypes.
> Thanks Derek,
> that helps to some extent. The next/previous/save/cancel buttons show up 
> as they should but...
> 1 - I get a (slow) html reload I do not want.
> 2 - Pressing the tabs discards changes done (but promps a warning). 
> Pressing Next works fine on the other hand.
> 3 - The tabs look different.
> 4 - The documentation warns me not to use this class unless the contents 
> on tab N+1 depends on the contents on tab N. In general that is not what 
> I want.
> ...
> Any other idea on how to "just add the next/prev" buttons", preferably 
> without hacking a copy of base_edit.pt?
> /Per

The pretty JavaScripty stuff should just work naturally. There is a 
variable in edit_macros - 'allow_tabbing' or somesuch - that has to 
evaluate to True for the pretty stuff to work. I haven't looked in 
detail at what the conditions are on it. Look at the 'widgets' macro 
section of edit_macros.pt. Oh, and if you are overriding the 'widgets' 
macro in order to get a custom form layout, you'll lose the Javascripty 
stuff, too :( - something I wrestled with recently.


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