[Product-Developers] Re: multipage content type with "next/prev" buttons

Per Erik Strandberg per.strandberg at incf.org
Tue Mar 18 08:10:42 UTC 2008

Derek Richardson wrote:
> Per Erik Strandberg wrote:
>> [...]
>> next/previous buttons in the edit form [...]
> Look at IMultiPageSchema in Archetypes.

Thanks Derek,

that helps to some extent. The next/previous/save/cancel buttons show up 
as they should but...

1 - I get a (slow) html reload I do not want.

2 - Pressing the tabs discards changes done (but promps a warning). 
Pressing Next works fine on the other hand.

3 - The tabs look different.

4 - The documentation warns me not to use this class unless the contents 
on tab N+1 depends on the contents on tab N. In general that is not what 
I want.

A nice surprise on the other hand was that I just had to add three lines 
of code :)

from zope.interface import implements #NEW
from Products.Archetypes.interfaces._schema import IMultiPageSchema #NEW

class MultiPageContentType(BaseContent):
     implements(IMultiPageSchema) #NEW

Any other idea on how to "just add the next/prev" buttons", preferably 
without hacking a copy of base_edit.pt?


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