[Product-Developers] Re: Product installed but not listed as "installed" - remains in the "installable" list for portal_quickinstaller

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Fri Mar 14 16:25:31 UTC 2008

David Bain wrote:

> What would cause a product to install but not be listed as installed?
Many errors in the install process.

> I've created a product which, when installing, it installs successfully
> but remains in the the "installable" list for quickinstaller. This happens
> when installing the product under Plone 3.0.
> Plone 2.5.x behaves as expected.

How do you know it installed successfully?  I'd say it didn't.  Usually
starting "zopectl deubg" will show you an error, even though you didn't see
one in the install.

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