[Product-Developers] Re: custom at edit form?

Derek Richardson derek.richardson at gatech.edu
Fri Mar 14 12:16:20 UTC 2008

Hedley Roos wrote:
> Don't customize base_edit. It is a bad idea in most cases. But if you
> feel inclined to do so then remember to also copy the .metadata file
> to your skins dir or the Form Controller won't know how to glue the
> process together.

I did not customize base_edit in place. I tried copying base_edit, 
renaming the copy, and using that as my edit form. I also tried the code 
you gave me. Both failed in the same way.

I copied and renamed the .metadata file, hoping that would fix the 
error. No go. No one had mentioned the .metadata file before. Perhaps 
there is something else I need to do that no one has mentioned yet?

The problem is that there is no "errors" in context when the processing 
gets to field.pt. I am guessing "errors" is put there by the validator, 
which is invoked based on the .metadata file. So, I think I still have a 
mistake in this area, despite copying and renaming the .metadata file. I 
  have skills with Zope (primarily 3) but this controller page template 
stuff is new to me. Any hints, even (especially?) the obvious, are 

I read the relevant bit of the Definitive Guide, but have been unable to 
find more info on controller page templates. I re-bought Martin's book 
in e-book form and searched for info on customizing edit forms and came 
up without enough. I'm doing everything I know to solve this problem, 
which is urgent for me. Custom edit forms cannot be this unusual! I am 
pleading for assistance.


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