[Product-Developers] Re: Plone Tune-Up Rally - Help Make Plone Even Better!

Andreas Zeidler az at zitc.de
Wed Jul 30 08:50:34 UTC 2008

Alexander Limi wrote:
> On Fri, 25 Jul 2008 02:04:33 -0700, Andreas Zeidler <az at zitc.de> wrote:
>> please don't get me wrong here, but what warrants a widely posted
>> announcement on behalf of the "plone community", especially when there
>> seemed to be some agreement to do something like this two weeks before
>> the next packaging deadline and, more importantly, _not_ on weekends?
> Yeah, I made similar comments about timing etc, but I didn't want to block  
> the energy behind this effort just because it didn't fit the discussed  
> schedule. And it lead to quite a number of bugs getting fixed, so I think  
> it was worth it, and a good inaugural new-style bug day. :)

fair enough, and i surely didn't want to sound too negative.  i do 
appreciate the effort.  but after the last not so successful attempts on 
doing bug days, i think we need to try to get as many people involved 
and also focus on just one regular event instead of potentially many 
(the name doesn't matter that much to me, btw).

so if this is to be the "official" plone community effort —- and the 
announcement did indeed sound that way -- i think we should very soon 
find a schedule that suites as many developers as possible and then 
stick to it.  moving things around and announcing follow-up event one by 
one, potentially with differing schedules, won't get us far...

i know it's possible for me and other to host our own "tune-up rally" as 
  gabrielle pointed out elsewhere, but imo this will only lead to 
scattered events with only a handful of people showing up (if at all) 
and the same outcome we've seen before, i.e. discontinued.

perhaps it's only me, but i don't think the (active) community is big 
enough just yet to be able to have various events of this type.  instead 
we should focus on one and try to make it work for more people.  iow, 
let's continue the discussion we started and come to a conclusion...

in that sense, here's another idea:  if we are to have bi-weekly events, 
how about alternating their times to better suite the two main (sets of) 
time zones and perhaps also make them a bit longer so people from "the 
other side" can still join in?

iow, let's fix the schedule and stick to it so everybody knows well in 
advance an can plan accordingly.  sounds a bit lame, but afaics most of 
us are way too busy these days to be spontaneous... :)  in addition, we 
should make an effort to find people to host these for say the next 3 
months for a start...

> I wanted to see how the Six  
> Feet Up crew did with as few road blocks as possible, and I think they did  
> well.

i can see the point, but still think it would have been —- or let's say 
would be :) -- much better to have a coordinated effort instead of 
someone just trying out something in the middle of an ongoing 
discussion.  like i said, i do appreciate gabrielle and calvin's 
efforts, but would have liked them to let at least briefly bring up and 
discuss their plans here before making an announcement (in the name of 
"the plone community").



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