[Product-Developers] TAL Portlet issue

Richard Amerman sirfifer at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 23:15:08 UTC 2008

I have a situation where we sometimes have only a single TAL Portlet in the
left column. This is Plone 3.0.6.

When the TAL in the portlet does not render, returning nothing, the column
still shows up, and on closer inspection there is an empty portletwrapper
there, which I assume is the reason the column is not automatically

I was hoping that there was an easy fix to TAL portlet that would cause the
wrapper to not render if the TAL returned empty.

I double checked things by deleting the TAL portlet, which caused the column
to properly collapse, but with the portlet there, but the TAL rendering
nothing, the portletwrapper shows and the column as well.

I would log this issue but I'm not sure where the issue tracker is for this
product. I would love to help fix this with some help.

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