[Product-Developers] formlib vs z3cform which one to use?

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 19:30:07 UTC 2008

David Bain-5 wrote:
> Now that plone.app.z3cform is documented and reasonable usable should we
> consider replacing formlib with z3cform?

Depends. z3c.form is still cutting edge. Last week, Daniel refactored and
broke most existing forms. :-) I suspect we're a month or two off a beta or
rc quality Plone/z3c.form integration package that does everything you want.

There are also some particular deployment issues right now, i.e. you have to
fiddle your buildout a little to use a newer zope.component IIRC.

> If we are standardizing on one "recommended" technology, which should it
> be?
> What are the pros and cons?

z3c.form is nicer to work with if you have use cases other than a full-page
add/edit/standalone form. It has nicer APIs if you want to make very dynamic
or unusual forms, and more hooks.

formlib has (marginally) more widgets and is properly supported and
documented in Plone 3. I would use formlib unless you want to help refine
the Plone-and-z3c.form story.

Note that if all you want are full page forms, then they are very similar.

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