[Product-Developers] Re: Plone Tune-Up Rally - Help Make Plone Even Better!

Alexander Limi limi at plone.org
Sun Jul 27 21:45:12 UTC 2008

On Fri, 25 Jul 2008 02:04:33 -0700, Andreas Zeidler  
<az at zitc.de> wrote:

> please don't get me wrong here, but what warrants a widely posted
> announcement on behalf of the "plone community", especially when there
> seemed to be some agreement to do something like this two weeks before
> the next packaging deadline and, more importantly, _not_ on weekends?

Yeah, I made similar comments about timing etc, but I didn't want to block  
the energy behind this effort just because it didn't fit the discussed  
schedule. And it lead to quite a number of bugs getting fixed, so I think  
it was worth it, and a good inaugural new-style bug day. :)

> while i don't really mind if it's one or two weeks in advance, or even
> one week and a weekend :), i think doing this on a friday is a really
> bad idea.  even more so if it's scheduled for afternoon in a u.s. time.
>   this means friday night for europeans, so chances are very few of us
> will be able to attend... :(

I agree, I think it should be moved to be earlier in the week next time,  
and be a bit better timed with the releases. I wanted to see how the Six  
Feet Up crew did with as few road blocks as possible, and I think they did  
well. We can adjust the timing on the coming events.

> i really would have liked to help in a coordinated effort and was
> actually looking forward to reviving bug days, but like this there's no
> way i can make it and i suspect this this will also hold for more people
> over here.

Consider this a beta test of a new bug day approach that doesn't have me  
as a bottleneck. :)

The intention of this was two-fold:

a) Test out a re-branding of "bug days" to something people are more  
excited about. Make it more about improvements, less about "fixing bugs" —  
even though it comes down to the same thing.

b) Make it a known event that can be hosted by any team of volunteers, so  
I'm not the limiting factor. If anyone else wants to help out, let us  
know. I'm hoping we can count on SFU for the next couple of events, but  
ideally this should be hosted by more than one group of people over time.

The important thing is that a lot of bugs got fixed, and people knew about  
the event — so I consider it a success. Let's try to time it a bit better  
for everyone next time — I agree that Friday isn't the best day for this,  
and we should try to time it two weeks before the continuing mantenance  

Thanks to Gabrielle and Calvin and the Six Feet Up crew for helping out  
with this!

Alexander Limi · http://limi.net

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