[Product-Developers] Re: Plone Tune-Up Rally - Help Make Plone Even Better!

Andreas Zeidler az at zitc.de
Fri Jul 25 09:04:33 UTC 2008

Alex Clark wrote:
> On 2008-07-24, Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker <gabrielle at sixfeetup.com> wrote:
>> The Plone community invites all Plone and Python developers to join  
>> the very first "Plone Tune-Up Rally" event on Friday afternoon, July  
>> 25th, 2008.
>> "Plone Tune-Up Rally" is an event that happens every other Friday  
>> afternoon and aims at addressing tickets in the Plone issue tracker  
>> and advancing Plone in general.
> Hot! Very exciting.

i'd generally agree this is a good thing to have, but i must have missed 
  the remaining discussion leading up to this announcement.  afaik there 
was no significant conclusion after alex's summary post (in the "party 
like it's 2004" thread).  did you continue discussing this somewhere 
else or how were the decisions regarding the schedule made?

please don't get me wrong here, but what warrants a widely posted 
announcement on behalf of the "plone community", especially when there 
seemed to be some agreement to do something like this two weeks before 
the next packaging deadline and, more importantly, _not_ on weekends?

while i don't really mind if it's one or two weeks in advance, or even 
one week and a weekend :), i think doing this on a friday is a really 
bad idea.  even more so if it's scheduled for afternoon in a u.s. time. 
  this means friday night for europeans, so chances are very few of us 
will be able to attend... :(

i really would have liked to help in a coordinated effort and was 
actually looking forward to reviving bug days, but like this there's no 
way i can make it and i suspect this this will also hold for more people 
over here.



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