[Product-Developers] Re: plone.z3cform API changes

Daniel Nouri daniel.nouri at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 09:02:03 UTC 2008

David Bain writes:

> I tried the tutorial last night and it didn't work :(
> Tried it tonight, without changing any code and now it works!! I see that
> plone.app.z3cform was updated in pypi :). So the documentation was up before
> the code was behaving.

Yeah, sorry for that.  I updated the docs a day before I uploaded the
release.  And thought I'd get away with it...

> You'll be pleased to know that I've successfully made my first trivial
> z3cform and my code worked on the first try (if you don't count not
> being able to start Zope last night).

That's great.


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