[Product-Developers] [PAS] auth'ed against relational db, but...

Kevin J kevin.jingqiu at caseware.com
Wed Jul 23 19:57:24 UTC 2008


I've written a plugin that let users to use their login stored in a
relational database to sign in the plone site.  The login process passed,
but when the I was redirected to the portal, I got the following message:

line 178, in update
    fullname = member_info.get('fullname', '')
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get'

The following is the code in question:
File: plone/app/layout/viewlets/common.py
1        if not self.anonymous:
2          member = portal_state.member()
3          userid = member.getId()
4          if sm.checkPermission('Portlets: Manage own portlets',
5              self.homelink_url = self.portal_url + '/dashboard'
6          else:
7              self.homelink_url = self.portal_url + '/author/' +
8          member_info = tools.membership().getMemberInfo(member.getId())
9          fullname = member_info.get('fullname', '')
10        if fullname:
11            self.user_name = fullname
12        else:
13            self.user_name = userid
I traced the code, and found that after line 2, member is assigned with the
username that I logged in with (the user in the external database), however,
at line 8, member_info is None (because I don't have memberdata for that
particular user), so line 9 gives me an error.

How do I remedy this problem? i.e., how do I tell plone to read the member
info stored in the external database?  I've tried writing a
PropertiesPlugin, but it doesn't work...


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