[Product-Developers] Re: Page Templates, browser/ , and skins

Daniel Nouri daniel.nouri at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 00:05:06 UTC 2008

Derek Richardson writes:

> Right. That's the problem. main template uses 'here' and I'm not going
> to rewrite main template.
> That's:
> parts/plone/CMFPlone/skins/plone_templates/main_template.pt
> to be specific.

Hmm.  Are you maybe importing your template from Zope 3 instead of Five?


> Daniel Nouri wrote:
>> Use 'context' instead of 'here'.
>> Derek Richardson writes:
>>> I am attempting to get a pt I wrote in a z3 way to show in main
>>> template. When I put in the metal calls to embed it in main template,
>>> I get a KeyError on 'here'. I am currently assuming that this happens
>>> because of some magic associated with the skins directories of which I
>>> am not partaking. The only option I see is to put my pt in the skins
>>> directory. However, because this make the pt available on all
>>> contexts, while I want it on a restricted set of contexts (although
>>> not a single content type), I am loath to do this. Do I have another
>>> option than using the skins directories if I want the pt to show in
>>> the plone skin?
>>> Traceback and code below sig.

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