[Product-Developers] Re: Content Rules - Create Folder action

Roberto Allende rover at menttes.com
Sat Jul 12 20:31:07 UTC 2008

David Bain wrote:
> How do I go about creating a folder with a content rule/trigger.
> I see actions such as notify, copy to folder etc... but nothing like:
> "create folder" or "create object"
> Is there an add on for this already? Or does it need to be written?
> The use case is the ability to archive events based on month. The
> rules would be:
> On adding an event
> 1. Create a folder structure (if it does not exist) based on year and month
> 2. move the event to the year/month folder

I've created a package wich adds an action to create a folder. It's 
called menttes.action.createfolder and it should work adding it to 

The package is published in pypi:

and sourcecode in collective:

Right now you can define just the foldername but i'm adding an option to 
choose the default view in few days. Also you could modify it to get the 
foldername you want.

Kind Regards


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