[Product-Developers] Re: plone.reload, grokcore.component

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Thu Jul 3 13:10:51 UTC 2008

Christian Klinger wrote:
> Martin Aspeli schrieb:
>> Christian Klinger wrote:
>>> Hi Plone-Developers
>>> is it possible to use plone.reload and grokcore.component in a
>>> plone2.5_buildout?
>> Possibly, but I doubt it. The version of Zope 3 that ships with Zope 2.10
>> (for Plone 3) is much newer and I'd be surprised if grokcore.component
>> could
>> work with the old zope.component implementation. plone.reload could
>> probably
>> be made to work, but you may need to re-register its views.
>> Martin
> Hi Martin
> thanks for your quick answer.
> I have checked the grokcore.component problem with philikon. It seems 
> that the shiped version of zope.component from Zope2.9 is to old for
> grokcore.component.

Yep. Doesn't surprise me.

Note that you don't really *need* grokcore.component for anything. You can
just keep registering adapters with ZCML.

> What do you mean with reregister?

I mean that the @@reload view has a <browser:page /> statement and I'm
guessing that it's registered for something that doesn't exist in Zope 2.9.


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