[Product-Developers] unique title

Nagarjuna G. nagarjun at gnowledge.org
Tue Jul 1 08:53:02 UTC 2008


The product I am developing (Archetypes product) requires each content
object to have a site wide unique id, where the id is based on the
user supplied title string.
 The statement  " _at_rename_after_creation = True" takes care of
creating unique ids.  However when the user supplies same title next
time the object still gets created with 'supliedtitle-1',
suppliedtitle-2 etc.  I want to inform Plone that title is unique.  I
looked at the documentation, but could find any clue.  Can some one
give me a direction.  It will be very nice if the schema definition
allows an option like "unique=1".  Is this possible?


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