[Product-Developers] pure python test

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Tue Jul 1 07:09:53 UTC 2008

--On 1. Juli 2008 09:04:11 +0200 JeanMichel FRANCOIS 
<jeanmichel.francois at makina-corpus.com> wrote:

> I m posting this because i have testing the same code on Plone 2.5,
> and i have got an Attribute error not on RESPONSE but REQUEST. For
> sure i m not throw the web with a request. When i m doing unit tests i
> m not creating fake request for those kind of tests (create content
> type instance).
> - Am i doing wrong with this code ?
> - Is plone can be used without request object (i m sure it is) ?

from Testing.makerequest impor makerequest
app = makerequest(app)

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