Building a web service layer into Plone3

Kevin Teague kevin at
Wed Oct 31 01:38:46 UTC 2007

If you just need to respond to a limited number of custom SOAP  
messages, then making a tool and installing it into the root of your  
Plone instance is one solution. For example, something along these  
lines (semi-pseudo semi-crusty code follows) ...

class MyCustomTool(UniqueObject, SimpleItem, PropertyManager):
     "Custom Web Service tool"
     security = ClassSecurityInfo()

     id = meta_type = 'portal_custom_tool'
     title = 'Custom Web Service Tool'
     plone_tool = True

     def specialWebServiceMethod(self, param1, param2 ):
	# do stuff ...

Then you need to instantiate this tool inside your Plone site so that  
it has access to acquisition and context and all that jazz.

I've used this with XML-RPC, since Zope 2 will respond to XML-RPC  
messages out-of-the-box. Adding in SOAP support I've never  
experimented with, Google or others on this list might be able to  
provide more knowledge there ...

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