Building a web service layer into Plone3

TimSki thingeley at
Tue Oct 30 10:58:09 UTC 2007


I'm looking at building a web services layer into my Plone server so that it
can respond to soap messages as well as standard http requests etc.

I'm looking for advice on where this should be "plugged in" to the
Plone/Zope system - i.e. at what layer - as I'm still getting my head around
all the options available.

So far I've had experience writing python modules as well as forms based
products.  Python modules don't seem right to me for this task, as it needs
to be able to use acquisition and other services in Plone/Zope to find
things to respond to the web service request.

A forms based product doesn't seem right either because I'm not returning
HTML - I'm returning XML.  Whilst I could use METAL/TALES to form nice xml
packet responses it may not be the best unless I could control the Http
Response attributes (like content-type).

So any ideas anyone?  Is there a similar product in Plone/Zope (ie.
something that doesn't return html) that I could use as a model?

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