navtree_properties not picked up by navigation portlet in policy product

Martin Aspeli optilude at
Sat Oct 27 14:17:11 UTC 2007

Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Sean F wrote:
>> Hola list..
>> I'm working my way through Martin's new book, building a site policy
>> product for a client project, and I've hit a snag.
>> One of the requirements are some changes to the default nav portlet
>> configuration, which I have set in propertiestool.xml:
>>     <?xml version="1.0"?>
>>     <object name="portal_properties" meta_type="Plone Properties
>> Tool">
>>      <object name="navtree_properties" meta_type="Plone Property
>> Sheet">
>>       <property name="currentFolderOnlyInNavtree" type="boolean">True</
>> property>
>>       <property name="includeTop" type="boolean">True</property>
>>       <property name="topLevel" type="int">0</property>
>>       <property name="bottomLevel" type="int">0</property>
>>      </object>
>>     </object>
> the navigation portlet itself stores those settings now, they are no
> longer stored in the portal properties.

Almost - the navtree portlet will use navtree_properties as a fallback 
in the cases when it makes sense, though here, since it's a boolean, the 
setting is on the portlet itself.

To do this, you'll need a call in that does something like:

from plone.portlets.constants import CONTEXT_CATEGORY
from import assignment_from_key

# 'context' here is the GS context passed to the setup handler
site = context.getSite()

navtree = assignment_from_key(site, 'plone.leftcolumn', 
CONTEXT_CATEGORY, '/', 'navigation')
navtree.currentFolderOnly = True

So - we use the assignment_from_key() helper method to get the actual 
portlet assignment, looking from the root of the site, in the 
plone.leftcolumn portlet manager, in the "contextual portlets" category, 
under the key "/" (the root of the site), and finding the portlet 
assignment with the name 'navigation' (which is the default name of the 
assignment for the navtree portlet when a new Plone site is set up).


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